About Horizon Maintenance

I was cleaning houses for a time and in 1993 was offered a chance to bid on a contract job. To do this I needed to create a registered company and did so. The name was a bit difficult to come up with, but while sitting on a boat staring to the horizon, the name came to me. The slogan seemed appropriate in that, when I clean, it IS clean, "as far as the eye can see."

The company evolved and working 6 to 7 days a week with my family became difficult when demand became more than I could handle. I began to hire students, giving them their first opportunity at a job and as they left for new things, they left with a good work ethic and reference. 

During this growth period we began to learn floor care and bought the necessary equipment to do the job and we take the extra step in making sure that the edges of floors do not have the dark, old built up wax, we remove all old stuff on hands and knees.

In 2004 Horizon Maintenance incorporated and employ staff to maintain the buildings and homes that we care for at high standards of cleanliness. Today I am proud to say that we continue to offer many types of cleaning services, not just surface cleaning, top to bottom cleaning.